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If your website is the online face of your company, it could be argued that your ‘web-log’ is the voice of the people behind your company and brand.


A blog can offer subjectivity, opinion, personality and judgement. Whilst the content need not be directly about your company, it’s products or services, it can examine themes and raise awareness that might influence people to take a very close look at what your organisation has to offer.


A well written web-log takes time, commitment, patience and a dash of creativity. However the rewards can be significant. Increased brand recognition. Greater traffic to your website. More customers. They’re there for the taking!


Of course as well as the art of blogging, there’s the science bit. Business Vitamins can help you with both. We’ll assist with creativity, branding and content. And to ensure it’s actually read, we can advise on the infrastructure and marketing of your blog too.


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