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Competitor Analysis

Theoretically, we would all like to know as much about our competitors marketing as we know about our own. Realistically, this is simply not possible, and the time and effort involved to even come close can rarely be justified. It is also very easy to be side-tracked or drawn into research which is interesting but not actually business critical.


Our marketing report provides a diagnosis of online and offline marketing competitiveness and gives a benchmark for evaluating a company’s position against others. It is essential to confirm which marketing activities are effective now and where future efforts should be targeted.


Business Vitamins provides impartiality and keeps research specific and targeted. We know which information is valuable to a business and its’ bottom line.


In order to leverage easy wins and identify and prioritise areas of marketing weakness the Business Vitamins competitor analysis report can help you make measured and informed decisions, which will ultimately improve your performance and deliver long term success.


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