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direct marketing
direct marketing

Direct marketing

If you need to hit a mass market, advertising’s your best bet. If you already know your target audience so well you can name their favourite football team, you’d be advised to go with Direct Marketing. However your campaign will only taste victory if your data is accurate, your message is relevant and your creative is attention-grabbing.


As the way in which we do business has changed, so has the way we undertake direct marketing campaigns. Results show that traditional postal campaigns are yielding higher response rates if coupled with e-shots. The rapid delivery and inexpensive nature of email marketing is making it one of the fastest growing marketing tactics today.


Plus, it’s easy to measure a return on your investment. But there are pitfalls: The legal minefield that surrounds data use, storage and collection for one. If you want to deliver a powerful message that generates a great response, direct marketing could be the way to get through to your audience.


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direct marketing

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