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Pay Per Click Advertising


Glasstrends is a luxury frameless glass shower enclosure manufacturer, based in south west London.



  • Deliver increased targeted web traffic

  • Confirm traffic is from within a specified geographical zone

  • Ensure results are measurable

  • Deliver maximum value from modest budget.


Glasstrends looked to Business Vitamins for help. In this instance, with the ongoing SEO campaign in place, implementing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on Google was chosen as the way forward.


Once established, Glasstrends was provided with full access to the PPC campaign as well as a monthly report that covered a number of key metrics. This included (but was not limited to), the number of clicks achieved; visitor path analysis; cost analysis; click-through-rate analysis and trends relating to the total volume of traffic to their website.



In less than three months the total traffic to the website doubled. The bounce rate, visitor duration and the number of pages viewed per visit increased significantly, suggesting greater interest in the content. The largest increase in traffic was from an area close to the Glasstrends showroom. As the campaign continued, the cost-per-click reduced and the click-through rate from the Google adverts to their website increased substantially.


The MD of Glasstrends commented recently “Business Vitamins devised & implemented a very solid PPC campaign, delivering quality targeted traffic & strong incremental business”.


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